Chris Xu
Write the code. Change the World.

I am Chris Xu, and I am an iOS software developer, coder in Python/Javascript and cuisine adventurer. I come from Taiwan, and I will move to Italy in next three months doing side projects and taking 3 online courses.

I’m currently working on Jink which is a location sharing app by Greenhouse Apps in Taipei, but I’m also looking for an abroad job to visit different circumstance of development.

The world is evolving, by the new technology nowadays this process become faster than ever. And I want to accelerate the process of bringing a better life, the finest way for me is building software for everybody . That’s the motivation for me to be a developer and entrepreneur.

I love to think about possibilities of everything and make some of them become reality. When there is needed or something across my mind, I will start building it. As an active contributor in the open source community, I have few repositories listed on the Github, and it’s really honored to me to be recognised in top 1% of Objective-C ranking.